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1:1 Ceremonial Djembe Lessons with Katie

Throughout the course of this personalized one-on-one lesson container, we will delve into your personal expression and emotional release with the use of a few tools: I will guide you in activating your voice (throat chakra), rooting into your unique wisdom (root chakra), and expressing the essence of your soul (solar plexus and crown chakras). We will do this with song, breath, and, of course, primal drumming.


This container will focus on:

 • Proper djembe playing technique

 • Exploring and transmuting anger and heavier emotions

 • Weekly djembe rhythms, exercises, & warmups

 • Experiencing JOY and bliss emotions

 • Using the djembe as a tool for transformation

 • Personal song and vocal expression to amplify power


In my experience, we learn complex rhythms more quickly when we allow our brains to drop into the theta brain state. Removing blockages through shaking, vocal expression, and trance playing will allow us to do that.


The one-month package of lessons is for 4 sessions (once weekly) to dip your toes into the water of soul expression and go through the basics of djembe playing.


The two-month package of lessons is for 8 sessions (once weekly) to deepen relationship with the djembe, vocal expression, and your deepest, most authentic personal expression. If you are looking to implement djembe drumming as a healing tool in your everyday life, this is for you.


Ceremonial Djembe Lessons incorporate a blend of intuitive and technical drumming to help you experience transformation in all areas of your life.


Let's begin the journey together.

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